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What is Paws In Need ?

We have established this non profit in order to continue assisting pet owners in need of financial support.  The cost of surgeries and emergency vet visits can become costly, our goal is to assist those who have exhausted all measures to cover the care their pet needs.  We are solely only able to help pet owners in Hampton Roads area of Virginia and parts of North Carolina, such as Moyock and Elizabeth City . Parts of Northern Virginia will be considered, depending on the funds we have available during these requests.  


Our History

Gina Highfield, co founder of Paws In Need and sole administrator for Lost & Found Pets -Hampton Roads, started a voluntary fund with Acredale Animal Hospital in 2016. The emergency fund was created, after receiving many pleas for financial assistance.  As the need grew, establishing this fund as a non profit has been a dream for Mrs. Highfield to pursue, in order to continue assisting loving pet owners in our community.  Dr. Melanie Cohen recognized the need for veterinary care funding in Hampton Roads, and wanted to see Highfield's dream become a reality.  Thus, with some creative input from Highfield's daughter (who coined the name), and months of planning, discussions and building, Paws in Need was born.


Our Mission

Often animals are put down or suffer needlessly because their families cannot afford surgical or other veterinary care. Families must often make the difficult decision to put a pet down or neglect the pet’s medical needs because of the costs involved. The purpose of the Paws In Need is to work towards a future where decisions about companion animal medical care need never be made on the basis of cost:

  • To promote the importance and improve access to medical veterinary care.
  • To educate the community about pet welfare in Hampton Roads and reduce euthanasia of treatable and/or adoptable pets.
  • To provide medical funding for life-saving/improving procedures when families are unable to afford care.
  • To provide informative resources about programs in place that support Hampton Roads communities and their pets.

Help Our Cause, Save a Life

All donations go directly towards life saving treatment of a pet in need in Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and surrounding cities. We are contacted daily for pets needing medical help. Your contribution keeps them with their families and out of shelters.

You can mail a check to the following:
Paws In Need VA INC.

1662 Guthrie Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

*If you would like a receipt, please include your name and address with your donation* 

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