• You must apply for care credit at the vet office or
  • If denied, please apply for Scratchpay :
  • We require that all dogs and cats in the family be spayed or neutered.  If not altered , we require that they are spayed/neutered whenever they are cleared medically.  If unable to be altered, there must be a veterinarian letter stating why your pet is not fit for this to occur.
  • C-Section emergencies will be spayed at the time of the surgery.
  • Use of the fund is limited  to helping one individual or family to ONE time only assistance - recovery complications or followup treatment may be covered.
  • Your pet must have a favorable prognosis for us to contribute or fund the surgery.
  • Our Fund budget does not allow for us to fund advanced diagnostics such testing as MRI and CT scans.
  • For diabetes and cushings /addisons, thyroid disease or pancreatic insufficiency,  we may be able to help with the testing and provide initial medication. The family will be responsible for the future tests and medication refills.
  • Heartworm treatment may be provided to newly adopted dogs to assist shelter dogs finding and thriving in their new homes.
  • For pets with poor prognosis or suffering: funding may be available for compassionate euthanasia and cremation.
  • This fund is not to be used for routine care, as well as not to be taken advantage of because a pet owner simply does not want to use their own money. 

There are low cost surgery and dental clinics for many procedures. PLEASE check with one of the following :

  • Deer Park Animal Hospital PADS program Newport News 757 595- 9720
  • Helping Hands Richmond 804-355-3500
  • Norfolk Spca (they do not do orthopedic work at this time) 757 622- 3319
  • Virginia Beach SPCA. They also have a HOPE program for people with financial difficulty 757 427 0070
  • York Vet in Yorktown.  Regular hospital but reasonable surgical procedures. 757 898-3700

Other funding suggestions:

  • Animal Resources of Tidewater (ART)
  • Tou Strong Hospice Fund- available through ART
  • (canines with cancer)
  • Low interest bank loan/ or credit card.
  • Ask friends, family to contribute
  • Set up Go Fund Me account

PLEASE note, application responses may take up to 12-24 hours for a response. Please seek immediate assistance if your pet's condition is urgent!


Financial aid resources:


Request use of Medical Fund Form

Apply for Assistance- Please read all the instructions above.

We are committed to helping families and their pets in Hampton Roads.

Paws in Need - Emergency Medical Fund